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Josh Classen's forecast: 2 days at the bottom of the cold spell

wxblog Dec. 1 2022

We're nearing the bottom of the cold spell that started earlier this week.

Temperatures slipped into the -20s overnight and this morning in the Edmonton area and we may not get above -20 C at all today.

I have a high of -20 C in my forecast, but there's a chance we maybe get to -19 C for an hour.

The "good" news? We'll get some clearing through the day and the wind should stay light (in the 2 to 5 km/h range).

With temperatures in the -20s, there's a moderate risk of frostnip and frostbite for anyone spending extended periods of time outside.

Once we get into the -30s (whether that's the actual temperature or the wind chill), then frostbite can occur in as little as 10 to 30 minutes.


AND...that's what we're dealing with across much of northern and western Alberta this morning.

Edson and Peace River have both hit wind chills of -40 C. High Level's in that range as well.

Fort McMurray and even as far south as Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House are in the mid -30s with wind chill this morning.


Wind speeds in the Edmonton area are only about 5 km/h, so there's not much of a wind chill. But, because temperatures are so cold, it doesn't take much to push the wind chill near -30.

We'll continue to see wind near 5 km/h or lighter through the day. But, it IS expected to pick up tomorrow.

We're also going to see actual temperatures drop close to -30 C in the city Friday morning.

ECCC will likely expand the "Extreme Cold Warning" that currently only covers nothwestern and extreme northern Alberta.

That'll probably widen to include much of central Alberta for Friday morning.

Wind chills in Edmonton will probably be in the mid -30s Friday morning and we'll only get to around -21 C Friday afternoon.

But...with 10-15 km/h wind, it's going to feel more like the -25 to -30 range for most of the afternoon.


Saturday morning won't be any better. We'll be around -27 C, with wind chill in the mid -30s.

BUT...we start to get milder Saturday afternoon as the arctic air shifts a bit further east.

Temperatures should climb to around -13 C by late Saturday afternoon and we'll hold steady or warm slightly overnight and into Sunday morning.

By Sunday afternoon, we should be in single digits (on the minus side).


It'll be short-lived though. The arctic airmass spins back in for Monday/Tueday.

It's not until Wednesday/Thursday of next week that we likely FINALLY get out of the coldest air and get a lengthier stretch of "milder" temperatures.

We'll still likely remain below average through to the end of next week. But, at least the coldest air (the -20ish highs and near -30 lows) will be behind us.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton and area:


Today - Mostly cloudy this morning. Clearing this afternoon.

Light wind.

High: -20


Tonight - A few clouds. Light wind.

9pm: -24


Friday - Sunny with a few clouds. Wind: 10-15 km/h

Morning Low: -28 ***wind chill near -34

Afternoon High: -21 ***wind chill near -25


Saturday - Mix of sun & cloud. Breezy.

Morning Low: -27

Afternoon High: -13


Sunday - Mix of sun & cloud. Breezy.

Morning Low: -10

Afternoon High: -8


Monday - Mostly cloudy. 30% chance of flurries.

Morning Low: -16

Afternoon High: -13


Tuesday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: -23

Afternoon High: -19 Top Stories

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