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Josh Classen's forecast: Snowy start to day, mild and sunny finish

wxblog Feb. 8 2023

Fresh snow on the ground, but temperatures are just a couple degrees below 0 C this morning.

So, watch for some slick roads and sidewalks this morning and then slushy conditions this afternoon as temperatures climb back above 0 C.

We'll get to around 2 or 3 C for a high in Edmonton later today.


The snow continues to move off to the southeast this morning, so check the road conditions on highways in those areas if you're heading out today.

Most of the snow should be done by early this afternoon.

I'm still waiting for reports on snow totals from around the city. sounds like roughly 2 to 5 cm in MOST areas around Edmonton with a few spots getting more.


Clouds will break this morning in the Edmonton region and we'll get some sun this afternoon.

More sunshine for Thursday/Friday. So...this snow may melt fairly soon.


Temperatures WILL be cooler than we've seen in a while Thursday morning.

With the clearer skies, we'll drop close to -10 C in the Edmonton area tomorrow morning.

BUT...back closer to 0 C by midday and a degree or two above freezing in the afternoon.

Friday, the weekend and Monday are all back to the pattern of mild mornings and warm (for February) afternoons.


A turn for the cooler is coming next week with daytime highs dropping to the -5 to -10 C range.

That should roll in around Tuesday or Wednesday.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton and area:


Today - Clearing this morning. Sunny with a few clouds this afternoon.

High: 3


Tonight - Mainly clear.

9pm: -2


Thursday - Mainly sunny.

Morning Low: -9

Afternoon High: 2


Friday - Mainly sunny.

Morning Low: -5

Afternoon High: 6


Saturday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: -3

Afternoon High: 4


Sunday - Partly cloudy.

Morning Low: -4

Afternoon High: 3


Monday - Mostly cloudy.

Morning Low: -1

Afternoon High: 5 Top Stories

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