EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Riverboat suffered damage this week after a change in water levels on the North Saskatchewan River.

"An ice jam in downtown Edmonton recently broke free which resulted in some wildly fluctuating river levels. In a very short period of time on Wednesday the river level rose and fell by two meters," explained Matt Beaubien, Rafters Landing general manager.

"The Edmonton Riverboat rose with the water levels and the port (shore side) came to rest on the ice flow. Today we adjusted the mooring lines and are hoping that expected water levels will help to free the vessel from the ice and make it level once again."

It currently sits at an about eight-degree angle.

The dock, awning and gangway sustained damage, but there are no issues with the hull, Beaubien said.

"We are monitoring the situation and acting accordingly."

The City said it is aware of the ice build-up, and are coordinating with the Riverboat's management.