EDMONTON -- A new winter attraction has made its debut in Edmonton.

It’s a three-storey-high ice climbing wall at the Edmonton Ski Club in the river valley.

“The engineered structure is more than enough to hold the weight of a climber,” Alpine Club of Canada member and ice climber Geoff Rowan said.

“The rope setup is a standard top rope setup, it’s more than enough to get someone up and down safely.”

Rowan explained that the climbing moves on the wall will be harder than on a lesser angled smooth and flat climb. 

“It makes it more fun and more challenging,” he said. 

Bookings need to be done in advance and in the same time slot as your climbing partner. 

COVID-19 safety measures are in effect and climbing partners must maintain a two metre physical distance at all times unless within the same household. 

Ice climbing gear is mandatory and available for rent at the facility.

For rates on ice climbing drop-ins, intro climbs and rentals, head to edmontonskiclub.com