A Canadian goose that set up a nest on a 10th-floor balcony has become a mother.

‘Lucy the Goose’, named by Benjamin Lavin, has attracted international attention after Lavin set up a webcam to keep his eye on his feathered neighbor.

Lavin said he set the camera up after Lucy laid five eggs, which were expected to hatch the first week of May.

Fittingly, on Mother’s Day the little goslings made an appearance.

“It really was good timing with it being Mother’s Day and now having a new mother out there on my balcony,” Lavin smiled.

“The eggs started hatching about 8 o’clock last night.

“By the time I woke up this morning I managed to catch a glimpse and saw that all five had hatched.”

However, for Lavin there is one final concern.

“Within 24 hours or so of them hatching both the parents will go down to the street and start calling for them,” he said at that point he would be ready to step in and help.

“Being 10 storeys high it could be a bit of an issue.”

Lavin said he initially set up the webcam to keep an eye on her himself and also allow some of his co-workers and parents to watch.

“So far there have been about 40,000 people from about 80 different countries that have logged in to take a look.

“Kids in schools were watching it, I have family in England and other parts of the world and they are tuning in to watch it.”

With files from Nicole Weisberg