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Edmonton women's hockey team inducted into Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame

The 1983-1993 Edmonton Chimos were inducted in the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame on Sunday. (Supplied) 
The 1983-1993 Edmonton Chimos were inducted in the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame on Sunday. (Supplied)

Sunday was a day of celebration in Canmore, as a group of Edmonton hockey players became some of the most decorated in Canada.

The Edmonton Chimos 1983 - 1993 team, has been inducted into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame.

Founded in 1973, the Chimos are Alberta's longest-running senior women's AAA hockey program, and the team battled its way through the beginnings of women's hockey in the province.

“The early 70’s would’ve been when hockey was a very male dominated sport,” said Shirley Cameron, former Chimos' player and coach.

“A good portion of our practices were outdoors because that was the only ice we could get," she added. "Or our practices were at 11 o’clock at night because that’s the only time they would give us.”

Cameron was one of the first Chimos, lacing up in 1973 before playing 19 seasons and serving as head coach.

She was on the team during the 1983 to 1993 era, when the Chimos captured every Hockey Alberta Provincial Championship and three Abby Hoffman Cup National Women's Championships.

Sunday, that group of women were honoured for their accomplishments and contributions to the sport.

"There was a lot of fighting and a lot of determination from us as players in the time to get our sport recognized,” Cameron said.

The head of Hockey Alberta's Hall of Fame Selection Committee credits the Chimos for paving the way for a new wave of Women's Hockey.

“Now we’re seeing Finland and we’re seeing Czechia win a bronze medal," said Al Coates.

"All this stuff now that we're really seeing now, with the success of the women’s program all goes back to and originates with some of the accomplishments of these women,” said Al Coates.

It's a progression the trail-blazers are happy to see.

“If you look at the game today, the young girls and the level of skill that is coming out so much earlier, the CIS, you know the game at a higher level is finally getting to where it could’ve been,” said former Chimos player Kathy Berg.

Other 2023 Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame inductees include former Edmonton Oiler Charlie Huddy and John Utendale, the first Black player to sign an NHL contract. Top Stories

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