EDMONTON -- EPCOR’s investment in the arts, cultural events, and charitable organizations grew by $1 million Monday as the utilities giant continues its commitment to helping those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fund provides financial support for festivals and attractions as well as arts organizations and charities who may be feeling the pinch because of the pandemic.

EPCOR’s release states "the additional investment will help those organizations bring joy to individuals and families and offer a lifeline to those hit hardest by COVID-19."

“Arts organizations, cultural events and charities are the heart and soul of our communities,” said President and CEO Stuart Lee in a press release Monday. “They’re integral to creating a thriving community and providing joy, meaning and hope. This financial support will provide a lasting impact to many important organizations and I’m excited to see how they will use these funds to continue delivering support during a very challenging time.”

The $1 million to the Heart + Soul Fund adds to the $1.25 million provided in 2020.

A little help can go a long way,” said Bruce Reith, executive director of Hope Mission. “EPCOR's generosity through the first round of the Heart + Soul Fund inspired many others to support the most vulnerable members of our community.”

A few of the many ways EPCOR has impacted the 2020 Heart + Soul Fund also include the employment of 440 artists while more than 30,000 students took part in online arts and science-based programs.

EPCOR has invested a total of $3 million in community relief and recovery efforts since the pandemic began.