The father of two young boys who drowned at the hands of their Millet mother, says he is appalled that Allyson McConnell could be released from Alberta Hospital as early as Thursday.

McConnell was sentenced last summer to six years for the drowning deaths of her two sons, 10-month-old Jayden and two-year-old Connor.

McConnell had admitted to drowning her two sons in the bathtub of the family home. During her trial, she testified that she couldn't remember anything about the events of that weekend in early 2010.

Court was told McConnell had a long history of suicide attempts that began after she was impregnated by her father when she was 15.

She had been charged with second-degree murder in the drownings, but the charges were downgraded.

McConnell’s manslaughter conviction included credit for time already served, which means she would face 15 months in custody and be eligible for parole in 10 months.

The province tells CTV News McConnell's time is officially considered served as of Thursday, as she's been on good behaviour for two-thirds of her sentence.

What has not yet been confirmed is whether she has been cleared for release from the hospital.

McConnell’s ex-husband Curtis tells CTV News in a statement that he is appalled by news that the woman who killed his two young boys could soon be free and leaving the country.

“I am appalled that a person who kills two innocent children and leaves their dead bodies (for her husband to find) next to the wedding ring she hadn’t worn in months has only served 10 months,” the statement read.

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Curtis said in the statement that he found out about McConnell's early release through his lawyer.

"The person who murdered my babies and never once apologized during her trial is being released," the statement read.

Curtis said McConnell, originally from Australia, could be flying home to that country within a few days.

“Will anyone there know about the murders she committed here? Being only 34 years old, will she start a new family and have another child in her care?” Curtis writes in the statement.

“The fact is Allyson has never seen inside of a jail cell and has only served 10 months in hospital since her sentencing. This is unacceptable.”

CTV News is told the decision to release McConnell from hospital would come from Alberta Health Services, but there was no word on that Wednesday.

Last month, the Crown appealed both the sentence and the aquittal on the more serious charge of second-degree murder, but no court dates have been set for the appeals.

The province says it is fighting to ensure McConnell has to stay in Canada - despite a deportation order on McConnell.

The Canada Border Services Agency tells CTV News a deportation order on McConnell is in place.

The order was issued by the Immigration and Refugee Board last fall.

The board wants McConnell deported from Canada once her time is served.

With files from Bill Fortier