EDMONTON -- Edmonton Transit has unveiled its final version of the city's overhauled bus network, which it says will have about 100 fewer routes, but more frequent service. 

The reveal comes after five years and $3 million dollars in research to improve bus route efficiency with existing resources. 

"The design of the service is really set up for a city of about 400,000, not a city of a million, and certainly not a city of two million," said Eddie Robar with Edmonton Transit Service.

ETS says the changes are expected to come into effect on Aug. 30, 2020 and will include improved evening and weekend service.

"You might have three or four different routes on that same segment, that’d become one route in this conversation," said Robar. 

The overhaul also includes the creation of an electronic fare payment system but ETS says it's not planning to increase fares. 

"People come to good service, and I think that’s the change here," said Robar.