EDMONTON -- A brand new hotel was unveiled on Thursday, catering to some of our cities smallest, but busiest residents bees.

In part to help celebrate Earth Day, Goodwill showed off their brand new bee hotel. The small structure is about the size of a birdhouse and is to help promote the bee population and Alberta by giving the insects a safe place to lay their eggs.

“This bee hotel was 100 per cent Made in Alberta, with plastics granulated at the amazing impact centre from products that didn't sell in original stores,” explained Mortimer Capriles, the director of sustainability for Goodwill.

Bee hotel

“We planted native plants to Alberta, and the whole concept behind the hotel is to make a positive impact on the environment at all our sites.”

Goodwill also organizes a massive cleanup, having its employees all across Alberta hit the streets to pick up litter around their stores and in their communities.

“All the team members working in Goodwill know this is really important and they know that sustainability is a key pillar of our operation, that making a positive impact on the environment is what we do every single day,” said Capriles.

Goodwill’s services in Alberta help to divert 16 million kilograms of waste from ending up in landfills every year.