The top prize in Canadian football is in safe hands. The Grey Cup arrived into CFB Edmonton Tuesday and was received by the military.

Two-time Grey Cup winner Gizmo Williams received the cup with the troops.

“The work these guys do, they don’t get a chance to have this much fun,” Williams said. “Their job is always serious.”

“It was pretty cool, actually,” said Cpl. Cody Williamson, who is also celebrating his birthday Tuesday. “I’ve never  got to do anything like this before.”

The cup arrival is the unofficial start to Edmonton’s Grey Cup party. The actual festivities start Wednesday on Jasper Avenue, where construction crews are setting the stage to receive football fans from all over Canada.

There are two downsides for Edmonton fans: the Eskimos are not in the final, and Calgary is. The Stampeders—who have lost the last two Grey Cups—will face the Ottawa Redblacks.

Williams doesn’t think the Eskimos’ absence will ruin the party.

“You still gotta go out and have fun. I think that’s the main important thing, and you still have to go out and support the CFL.”

The Stamps and Redblacks are not the only ones vying for the cup, and that’s why the military got their hands on it first.

“I understand that it has been stolen,” Brigadier General Trevor Cadeau said. “It's been lost. It's been held for ransom money. It survived a fire.”

The Grey Cup is on Sunday, November 25 at 4 p.m.

With files from Bill Fortier