EDMONTON -- Brad and Curtis Rempel from the award-winning duo High Valley grew up writing and playing songs on their farm in La Crete, Alta. The music video for their new song Grew Up On That takes viewers back in time to that very place, featuring photos of early gigs, young love, holiday traditions and even a muddy ATV ride.

The montage of pictures shown in the video were selected by the brothers' mom and sister.

"It was pretty cool because I hadn’t seen these photos in years and some I had never even seen,” says Curtis Rempel.

High Valley has a string of hits in Canada and the United States with their songs being streamed over 250-million times, and they've toured with icons like Shania Twain and Keith Urban. But they say their success is owed to growing up in a small community.

"If we wouldn’t have been bored out of our minds and been isolated, I don’t know if we would have picked up the instruments and made our own entertainment. We’re thankful for it now,” says Brad.

The new EP, also titled Grew Up On That, features six songs with uplifting messages. Even though it was written before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they say the music has taken on a new meaning

“We hope and pray that this record will encourage our fans and help bring families closer together,” says Brad. “We honestly think that’s our calling in the world.”

They say they’ve been spending their time off the road becoming closer with their families in Nashville, where they now call home. Every night, they tell their children stories about how they were raised in northern Alberta.

“For us, going to Grande Prairie once a year, that was the big city. Driving 500 kilometres and getting to have McDonalds once a year, that was a big deal, so my kids are being raised incredibly different than that,” says Brad.

But in their new video, everyone gets a glimpse of what the brothers grew up on.

“It was pretty cool to go back in time and remember our childhood,” says Curtis.