EDMONTON -- While thousands of Edmontonians added their voice to the online chorus calling for the end of racial injustice, hundreds of others marched from the Alberta legislature Tuesday night to City Hall.

The peaceful demonstration was organized by local rapper OG Jonah, who told CTV News Edmonton he has been discriminated against because of the colour of his skin.

"I wanted to let people know racism is alive in Edmonton and there are many people who agree with me: There are many people who are victimized by racism in Edmonton," Clinton Jonah said.

Black Lives Matter, Edmonton

"I want my kids and my kids' kids, and your kids at home, irrespective of their race, to be able to grow up in a world, to be able to grow up in a city, where we stand by each other based on the content of our character and not the colour of their skin."

The names of George Floyd and others killed were read aloud at the rally.

Loved ones shared stories of them, and of their concern about racism.

Black Lives Matter, Edmonton

While there were some chants berating police and the Alberta government, Edmonton Police Service did not become involved.

"I thank EPS. They did a great job today," Jonah commented. "As we were marching through the streets, they even blocked off the streets for us."

Black Lives Matter, Edmonton

Another rally is being planned for Friday.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Sean Amato and Nahreman Issa