The latest numbers show it’s a buyer’s market out there -- so just how much are you willing to spend?

Edmonton’s real estate landscape has cooled off over the last few years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean doom and gloom.

For those who have ever wondered why only five people can fit in their personal spa, or why there’s only one granite island in their gourmet kitchen, there are still homes that’ll fit your needs.

So grab your Italian wine collection, pull on your embroidered bathrobe, jump in your private elevator and look no further.

Here’s a list of the five most expensive homes in the Greater Edmonton Area:

108 Westbrook Dr.

As of Thursday, 108 Westbrook Dr. is the city’s highest listed property at a cool $8.5 million.

The 19,500-square-foot home is located in between the Whitemud Creek Ravine South and the Derrick Golf and Winter Club. The five-bedroom, nine-bathroom mansion comes with a private elevator, indoor pool and hot tub, as well as private locker, media, wine and recreation rooms.

16 Windermere Dr.

The second most expensive listing, according to, is 16 Windermere Dr.

The 12,890-square-foot home with an acre of gated property is priced out at $7,288,800.

It includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a 20-foot rotunda lit by a custom chandelier.

Other features include a double-island kitchen, Italian glass finishing, six-person spa and a memorabilia room.

19 Wedgewood Cres.

19 Wedgewood Cres.
is listed just below at $7,250,000.

The four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home is surrounded by trees and sits on a property that backs onto the Wedgewood Ravine.

The home, built in 2017, is 10,306 square feet and includes a more than 1,500 square foot front-drive-attached garage that can park five cars.

50320 Hwy. 814

Coming in at the number four is the $6.3-million home at 50320 Hwy. 814.

This one is in Leduc County, but it comes with 20 parking we’ll call the commute a wash.

The home has 6,400 square feet of living space and includes a water wall, elevator, outdoor kitchen and a pond.

8606 Saskatchewan Dr.

The fifth most expensive listing in the area is smack dab in the middle of Edmonton.

8606 Saskatchewan Dr. is priced out just shy of $6 million.

The four-bedroom, nine-bathroom home includes a rooftop deck that looks out on the River Valley and has a 10,000 square foot living area.

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