An Edmonton brewery is asking for the public's help in recovering a stolen piece of equipment, one that's part of an antique German brewing system and valued at $10,000. 

"It's a classic piece. It's an antique," said Todd Oeming, of the Polar Park Brewing Company. "It brewed for the Germans right through World War II."

Oeming is a three-foot wide copper tub filled with brass tabs known as a louter grant. It's used to filter and circulate beer that is being brewed until it reached the desired consistency, colour and sugar content. 

The theft happened in the early morning of June 23. Surveillance footage from the brewery shows a man walking around the area of the building. Minutes later, he's shown to be exited holding the tub as he walks away. 

Oeming is offering a unique reward for information leading to the return of the missing equipment: as much beer as you can drink within a calendar year, but at $3.20 per pint as per provincial guidelines. 

He's filed a police report and says officers have started looking into the case.