The second and final day of the inquiry into the death of an Alberta RCMP officer focused on why the man accused of shooting and killing him was out on bail at the time.

Const. David Wynn was shot and killed in St. Albert in 2015 while he and his partner investigated a stolen truck. Shawn Rehn, the suspected car thief who is accused of killing Wynn, is believed to have taken his own life.

Rehn was out on bail while he faced 15 charges, including possession of a prohibited firearm, escaping lawful custody and failing to attend a bail hearing.

Const. Wilson Quan, Rehn’s bail officer, told the inquiry he opposed bail but believed the justice would side with Rehn’s lawyer, so he settled on a bail amount of $4,500.

“With my experience, when it all happened, I knew that I didn’t do anything wrong,” Quan said. “However, it never erases that feeling, the pain of somebody blaming you when you knew you did it right.”

Crown prosecutors replaced police officers at all bail hearings in 2017.

The judge will now write a report to outline how Wynn and Rehn died. There is no timeline for the report.

“Moving forward the only thing we can do is just to keep changing and making positive changes within the system,” Wynn’s widow, Shelly MacInnis-Wynn said.

With files from CTV Edmonton’s Bill Fortier