Authorities say two people have been arrested after intense video shows a pick-up truck ramming two police vehicles at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Alberta.

Police said an officer spotted a stolen truck Thursday evening in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Westlock. The officer requested a second officer to attend the scene.

According to police, the responding officers attempted to arrest the person behind the wheel of the vehicle before the driver began to ram the pick-up truck into the police cruisers.

Brief video of the incident shows the pick-up truck pushing the crumpled cop car while smoke billows from the rear tires of the pick-up.

The truck is then seen reversing, jumping a curb and knocking over a tree.

The truck reportedly struck the police vehicles several times before the pick-up mounted the hood of one of the cop cars.

Police said officers managed to arrest the pick-up truck driver and a passenger. No injuries were reported. 

The names of the suspects have not been released as charges are pending.