If the long lines at Edmonton's Jollibee location are keeping you from trying the Phillippines-based fast food restaurant, two entrepreneurial teens can help you out, for a price. 

Ivana Recinos and Maryelle Gana are charging visitors $15 per hour to wait in line outside of the restaurant. For another $6 they'll deliver your Jollibee order to your home. 

The pair first advertised the idea on Facebook and got an overwhelming response including requests to deliver to as far away as Redwater and Wetaskiwin. 

"People don't realize it's more than just food, it's a way Filipinos can reconnect with their homes," said Recinos.

"People started messaging asking us if we were serious, and we were." 

It's a service that may be worth it for some, with Jollibee staff estimating a two hour wait for service during Thursday's lunch hour. 

The restaurant opened Aug. 16 with some camping out for as long as three days in advance of the grand opening. 

Recinos and Gana say they're planning to use the money for weekend trip to Calgary. 

"It's just really fun seeing people happy and the hwole thing is just funny to us."

With files from Dan Grummett and Sean Amato