The owner of Earth’s General Store announced Tuesday that the downtown location would be closing down in the fall, months after announcing the days for that location could be numbered.

Back in early January, Michael Kalmanovich challenged customers to ‘use us or lose us’ at the 104 Street location, he said the location was losing a lot of money.

In a post released May 1, Kalmanovich announced that after trying to “squeeze” in a little more time, he had submitted his six month notice to terminate the lease for the Earth’s General Store downtown location.

“I tried to squeeze another month before giving our notice to see if things improved but had to finally resign to the reality – things are not improving and I have to minimize our losses,” Kalmanovich said, going on to say the downtown location had never made money, it had always run a deficit since opening in 2014.

The business will close for good on October 31, 2017.