Officials with MacEwan University are trying to track down one of their students, following a fatal attack in Nice, France Thursday night.

In a statement, MacEwan University said five students and a faculty member from the School of Business were in Nice taking part in an innovation program at the European Innovation Academy in that city.

During Bastille Day celebrations in Nice on Thursday night, a truck crashed into a crowd – leaving 84 people dead.

On Friday, MacEwan officials said they had confirmed four students and the faculty member are safe – but the location of the fifth student remained unclear.

The University released a list of the students and faculty member in France as part of the program:

  • Mykhaylo (Misha) Bazelevskyy, fourth year Bachelor of Commerce, Supply Chain student
  • Derek Anderson, a second year Business Management diploma student
  • Alanna Brokop, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing major (recent grad)
  • Ismail Khalil, an Open Studies student
  • Rebecca Smillie, a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce, Management student
  • Launa Linaker, Faculty, teaches Business Management

Officials said Linaker, and Anderson, Brokop, Khalil, and Smillie were all safe, and the school was working with the students and their families to make arrangements to bring them home.

However, the whereabouts of 22-year-old Bazelevskyy are unknown.

School officials said Bazelevskyy and Khalil were on the Promenade Des Anglais Thursday night to take in the Bastille Day fireworks. The school said Khalil reported he and his classmate were in the immediate area when the truck plowed into the crowd.

“Quite close…and in my conversation with him I think he feels fortunate that he survived,” MacEwan University Provost John Corlett said.

Corlett said the pair became separated in the chaos.

“As time passes and we hear nothing, we become increasingly concerned,” Corlett said.

Macewan University said the missing student is a Ukrainian citizen, with permanent resident status in Canada – and he travels with a Ukrainian passport. Officials said Ukrainian consular staff are on the ground, working to determine the student’s status.

Corlett said the student’s family is distraught over the news.

“They are trying to deal with a very very difficult situation,” Corlett said.

With files from Dan Grummett