EDMONTON -- The NDP has retained its seat in Edmonton Strathcona, making it the only non-Conservative seat in Alberta.

CTV News declared Heather McPherson the riding's winner with 47.1 per cent of the vote at 9:33 p.m.

McPherson maintained the NDP's hold of Edmonton Strathcona after Linda Duncan, the riding's MP since 2008, retired ahead of this election.

"She's been phenomenal," McPherson said of Duncan. "She asked me to put my name forward, she's been doorknocking with me ... My biggest fear was having to let Linda know I had given up a seat, so I'm glad I don't have to."

The Conservative Party won the other 33 seats in Alberta.

"I think one of the reasons I'm proud we held a seat, there are a huge number of Albertans who are proggresive," McPherson said. "I need to represent all of those Albertans because this is the only seat we were able to hold."

Conservative candidate Sam Lilly finished second with 37.2 per cent and Eleanor Olszewski came in third with 11.7.