Over 2,000 people participated in Edmonton’s 34 annual Pride Parade, and one of the biggest attractions was Oilers captain, Andrew Ference.

Ference made headlines when he first announced his decision, making him the first professional athlete to do so.

“It is something that I believe in, that I know that a lot of my teammates believe in, that a lot of people around the league support and think is important so it was a very easy decision.”

Mayor Don Iveson said he saw the move as an extension of Ference’s positive influence on the city.

“There are a lot of people in that community who are absolutely thrilled that he is doing this and I am looking forward to being in the parade with him.”

Ference credited the time his family spent in Boston as influencing his outlook.

“It gave me a really good perspective on people just living happy lives.”

Particularly the people he met through his daughter’s school.

“She had classmate where there were two fathers and two mothers and it was no big deal. The principal was opening gay and it is just great.”

The parade was held downtown on Saturday afternoon and marched into celebrations at Churchill Square.

The event marks the city’s pride celebrations, which began in 1980 and has now become a 10-day event, running until June 15.

A  Pride Festival app has been developed for iPhone and Android devices.

With files from Sarah Richter