EDMONTON -- One-way shopping aisles are coming to a store near you.

In light of COVID-19, Safeway stores are taking additional physical distancing measures—including limiting the number of shoppers in stores, telling customers not to handle food they don’t buy and introducing one-way aisles to limit customer contact.

"As this situation evolves, we will continue to work diligently to protect your health and keep food on our shelves," Micheal Medline, President and CEO of Safeway told customers in an email. 

On Sunday, the measures were already in place at a store in Callingwood, where markers directed customers where to stand while in line and arrows directed them were to walk when picking out food. 

"It’s quiet in there. I get out of the house but it’s not really getting out of the house. It’s just depressing," said Tony Nyugen. 

But some shoppers were praising their shopping experience.

"It’s really well organized," shopper Alina Andielunas said, who added she really appreciates how staff were wiping down carts and the new one-way aisles. 

"All that you have to worry is that people in front of you or behind you, there’s no bumping around," Andielunas said. 

Stores are limiting the number of customers allowed inside. Safeway’s President and CEO said the exact number is based on a calculation of their square footage and the number of available open cashier lanes.

Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys have installed plexiglass shields at the cash registers to protect employees and Empire Company — which owns Sobeys and Safeway —is posting where its employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 work, and when they last worked. This includes a Safeway in Wetaskiwin and Calgary.