EDMONTON -- CTV News has identified the Ontario couple who sent a $1,000 cheque to Premier Jason Kenney "to express support for Albertans." 

Kanji and Susie Nakatsu live in Kingston, Ont., and sent the offering to the premier's office, arriving on March 31. 

"It's time to support Alberta and Saskatchewan and act like a country," said Kanji. 

The couple are originally from British Columbia and have lived in Kingston for four decades. 

"We saw the gasoline prices in Kingston. And they went down, and kept on going down, and we were thinking, you know this can't be good for Alberta," said Kanji. 

The couple does have an Alberta connection, with Kanji earning his master's degree in pharmacology at the University of Alberta.

"We would like to show our support for Albertans in a manner that goes beyond lip service," reads the couple's letter that was accompanied by the cheque. 

"Please put this to use in a way that helps the people of Alberta in some small way." 

The couple say they hadn't received a formal response from the premier. But on Thursday night, Kenney tweeted his thanks.