EDMONTON -- The city has agreed not to take enforcement action against the Peace Camp in Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park after the camp failed to close on Friday.

The camp had been ordered last week to vacate the park by 11 p.m. on Friday.

City officials and police met with camp organizers on Friday, and by 11 p.m. the camp remained.

On Monday, the city announced that in exchange for issuing a letter to local social service providers to visit the camp, the camp organizers have agreed to voluntarily remove the camp on Sept. 28.

“We look forward to a peaceful and voluntary closure of the camp by the organizers,” said Rob Smyth, Deputy City Manager of Citizen Services. “The City empathizes with those living outside. Our ultimate solution is for every Edmontonian to have a home. In the meantime, 24/7 shelters have spaces available to support people while they take steps forward on their path to housing.”

However, the city said if safety issues arise at any time at the camp, it will respond with action.

The announcement came the same day the federal government announced $1 billion to help cities across the country buy properties to convert into housing for the homeless.