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Puzzle solvers assemble in Sherwood Park to find who has the fastest fingers

Some of Alberta's best puzzle solvers put their brains – and fingers – to the test Saturday at a Rubik's Cube competition in Sherwood Park.

Cubing Above the Dinosaurs, at the Strathcona County Library, brought together 150 contestants to see who could solve a Rubik's Cube the fastest.

With top times ranging from 30 seconds to 6 seconds, the world of "cubing" highlights dexterity and quick thinking.

It's also about competition and community.

"We have competitors here that are 6 years old, we have competitors that are 50 years old, and they’ll sit next to each other at tables and share their love of cubing," said Owen Borsted, of the Alberta Cubers Association.

Kyle Santucci solved a Rubik's Cube in less than six seconds at a "cubing" competition on Saturday in Sherwood Park. (Jeremy Thompson/CTV News Edmonton)There are five official categories in the competition, sanctioned by the World Cube Association, including a category where cubers complete their task blindfolded.

"I memorize the corners first and then the edges," said Glenn Salgado, who can memorize and solve a cube in just over 30 seconds.

Another competitor, Kyle Santucci, has been working on his solving strategy since picking up his first Rubik's Cube seven years ago.

Now he consistently solves them in less than six seconds, competing at competitions like Saturday's all across North America.

"At the start, a Rubik’s Cube’s such a hard puzzle," Santucci said. "And then once you solve it for the first time – I just wanted to get better." Top Stories

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