A popular travel website might be helping to put Red Deer on the map.

Expedia has named the city one of the most breathtaking in North America, up there with Old Montreal and some of the most scenic spots in Latin America. 

Some residents we spoke to Thursday said it was surprising, but for others it’s not hard to imagine why.

“The walking paths, and biking paths, the river valley, there’s a lot to enjoy,” said resident Joe Rioux.

On Expedia’s list of the top 34 Most Breathtaking Place in North America, Red Deer makes number 26 - ahead of Havana, Cuba and Tulum, Mexico.

Tourism Red Deer Communications Manager Debbie Olsen said, “I think Red Deer is one of those best kept secrets.”

Along with Red Deer’s bustling downtown core, the travel site says the natural outdoors is another aspect that makes the city stand out.

“There are places in the park system where you feel like you’re in the foothills, you wouldn’t even guess that you’re in the middle of the city,” said Olsen.

The site mentions Maskepetoon Park, the newest addition to Waskasoo Park, which is a system of more than 100 kilometers of weaving and connecting trails in the city. 

Something residents like Dustin Craft say they enjoy, “They’re kind of little home bases, so you can stop at a different one every day.”

And visitor from Sylvan Lake Justin McLean adds, “It gets cyclists and hikers and joggers off the streets more.” 

Another park mentioned on the list - Bower Ponds - a small park that has a little something for everyone. 

Olsen says the ever growing, changing and connecting trails in the city are thanks in part to the population of young families, “We have a lot of people that want to be active, and want to be outdoors. And that has led to the continued development of this amazing park system and all of the recreational opportunities that we have.” 

Mother of two, Meghan McLean, who was at Heritage Ranch playing with her family was surprised at first by the news that Red Deer made that list, but it didn’t take her long to change her tune.

"It’s nice, it’s pretty, there are lots of parks, there’s lots of little benches down to look at the river and just to experience quiet... I guess it is breathtaking," she said.

Tourism Red Deer adds they're hoping this will draw in newcomers to experience all the city has to offer.