EDMONTON -- Farms and ranches across the province are opening their gates this weekend for people to stop in for a visit on the 8th annual Alberta Open Farm Days.

Over 80 locations across Alberta are participating in the event this year.

"These are all working farms, for the most part they're family run. It's their own private property so they're opening up their homes to let you really see how their products are being made and how they’re being produced," says spokesperson Nicola Doherty.

Rick Barr, from Barr Estate Winery, has been taking part in the program for the past five years. He says he was surprised to find out how unique a farm visit is for a lot of people.

"We've had people come out who have never seen a cow, never have seen a sheep or anything like that."

Barr, who makes wine from rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries and cherries, is excited to open up his property in Strathcona County for people to visit.

"I think it's very important for them to get to out and learn where their food comes from, or their wine in this case, and it makes for a good relationship between the people and the city and farmers."

Barr will be letting people have a wine tasting, listen to live music and take a tour of his farm which has cows, donkeys, and a new litter of kittens. There's also an area to have a picnic, which of the farms and ranches are offering.

"You bring your blanket, get your picnic, out go sit on a pasture and watch the sheep and cows. It's magical," says Doherty

Because of Covid 19 restrictions, space will be limited for farm tours. You can book your free visit online at albertafarmdays.ca. ​