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'She loved so generously': Family remember Lauren Jarvis with walk to raise money for people impacted by homicide


Dozens of people gathered Sunday morning to remember a young woman who was killed in Edmonton last month.

Friends, family and supporters met at the bottom of Walterdale Hill for a walk honouring Lauren Jarvis and to raise money for the Victims of Homicide Support Society.

"This walk is to celebrate Lauren. She loved so generously and so honestly, so we just wanted to do the same for her even if she's not here," said Jayden Kallis, one of Lauren's best friends.

"We want to honour and remember Lauren for the woman that she was and the positivity and love that she spread," said another friend, Casandra Wildermuth. "We don't want her to be just a statistic and we want to keep her name in everyone's mouth."

Lauren, 27, was killed in Edmonton on April 2. The man charged with her murder was staying in the building where Lauren lived, but police say the two were not well acquainted.

The sudden, violent loss was shocking to the people around her.

"Think of your heart being ripped out of your chest," Wildermuth said. "It's difficult.

"We love her, we miss her, things are never going to be the same."

While many of the people walking wore shirts showing a picture of Lauren, others who didn't know her were out to support the family and raise money for the Victims of Homicide Support Society.

"They support those that cope with the loss of a loved one in such a tragic way," Wildermuth said, adding Lauren's family and friends have benefitted from the support offered by the organization.

"We want to raise funds and make it known for other people who have had to deal with homicides," she added.

"If you have no relation to Lauren and you want to just support victims or people that died by homicide, then feel free to join," said Lauren's brother Spencer. "You don't have to know any of us, it's for everyone."

Darlene Sim, of the Victims of Homicide Support Society was there to show her support and collect donations. She didn't know Lauren, but said it's life-shattering any time someone is murdered.

"Every homicide, it devastates a small community," Sim added. "It's not just the immediate family, it's people's coworkers, it's all of their friends.

"It probably impacts 50 or more people every time we lose one."

Wildermuth said it was a bit overwhelming to see so many people there, but she knows Lauren would have appreciated it and the family are planning to make the walk an annual event.

"It's very touching that everyone is here to support us, and I feel a lot of love," Wildermuth said. "There will be a lot of laughter and tears."

"[Lauren] would feel overwhelmed for sure, but she would feel happy that people are here for her," Megan added.

Anyone wanting to donate to the society can also do so through a GoFundMe set up in Lauren's name.

Ryan Farrell, 32, is facing one charge of second-degree murder.

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