There is a new website and social media campaign inspiring and motivating local fitness enthusiasts.

It is called YEG Fitness and an Edmonton high school teacher is behind it.

“A friend of mine suggested ‘Hey, it would be kind of neat to do something in the city,” website creator TJ Sadler said. “There are these workout magazines, fitness magazines … but nothing that's really local.”

Sadler sends out daily workouts, nutrition tips and details about local events, trails and fitness professionals using Twitter. He also operates a free online magazine.

“We do features on local businesses. Each month on our main page we've got five different companies we do features for. We don't charge for it,” said Adler.

Sarah Grochmal said the online resource has changed her life. She used to dance professionally but after getting a desk job she found she was gaining weight. She started searching online for an answer.

“I thought – wow, a local fitness website, seems too good to be true,” said Grochmal.

The 26-year-old signed up for a 90 day challenge and has been blogging her progress on Adler’s site.

“I have more energy than ever and it feels so good,” said Grochmal.

Grochmal’s 90 day challenge is almost over but she said that doesn’t mean she is going to stop running and being healthy.

“It’s just my way of life now.”

Sadler’s magazine can be found online and you can follow him on Twitter at @yegfit.

With files from Carmen Leibel