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'Still can't believe it': 1st period proposal makes Game 4 victory that much sweeter for Oilers fan


Even though they cheer for opposite teams, a proposal by a Flames fan at Game 4 of the Battle of Alberta received a resounding "yes" from the Oilers-loving bride to be.

Tessa Monias and Payden Partaker were at Rogers Place Tuesday night, for their respective teams when Partaker said he was approached by a cameraman.

"He says, 'Hey buddy, I see your girlfriend is an Edmonton fan, when the Oilers score I'm going to point the camera at you and they're going to haze you," he said.

Partaker said at that point he whispered in the cameraman's ear, "when the Oilers score I'm going to propose to my girlfriend."

With a shocked nod from the cameraman, the plan was in place. Little did Partaker know, he didn't have to wait long. Just 21 seconds into the first period, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins opened up the scoring, causing Partaker to drop to one knee much earlier than expected.

"She was so busy watching and cheering for her team," he said. "She didn't even notice me go onto my knee."

"I was like, in shock and I couldn't believe it, it was just amazing," said Monias. "I still can't believe it."

Partaker expected a heckler here and there, but there were no naysayers in the vicinity.

"I was expecting to get hazed at least by one Edmonton Oiler fan saying, 'Don't do it, he's a Calgary Flames fan,' but the fans around us actually just felt like family," said Partaker. "They were congratulating us and they were happy for us."

The team rivalry between the couple is deep seeded, each cheering for their dad's favourite team. Calgary for Partaker, Edmonton for Monias.

"It made us strong, because we had to hear hazing from both sides," laughed Partaker.

Partaker said his plan if the Oilers didn't score was to propose in the dying seconds of the third period.

"It was going to happen no matter what," said Partaker.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Carlyle Fiset Top Stories

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