A provincial survey over whether or not to keep Daylight Saving Time has seen response from thousands of Albertans, and the numbers show the majority want to see it end. However, there are some who aren’t so supportive of the change.

Thousands responded to the questionnaire, and more than 10,000 – or 74 percent of respondents – said they were in favour of getting rid of Daylight Saving Time, while 3,200 or 24 percent were opposed.

The majority of Albertans who responded came from Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.

“I wasn’t surprised by the survey results,” MLA Thomas Dang said. “They matched up what my consultation earlier this year showed.

“I believe Albertans are very passionate about this issue and they’re very on side with this issue.”

Officials said this particular questionnaire received a record number of responses, compared to other public surveys.

However, MLA Richard Starke said the results are not an accurate picture of the province.

“Well it’s still a relatively small number when you compare it to the overall population,” Starke said.

Starke said he wants to see a referendum on the issue included in the next provincial election in 2019.

“You’ll get a much wider participation and much broader debate on this issue, and it is an issue that affects all of us,” Starke said.

Some Alberta businesses, including the Oilers Entertainment Group and the Edmonton International Airport argue taking away Daylight Saving Time would cause drastic changes to the way they operate.

Westjet issued a statement that said the change would have “a potential negative impact”, and insisted the legislation shouldn’t be passed.

Now, a subcommittee will take public consultations on the road, and will make stops in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Grande Prairie in the fall.

With files from Shanelle Kaul