EDMONTON -- If you're looking for some of the finest Arabian cuisine, make the trek to north Edmonton and visit The Bedouins restaurant.

Owner Emad Gaddafi welcomes you in like family and you'll be treated to a delicious meal under drapery on the roof, meant to evoke the tents that the nomadic Bedouin people of north Africa eat under.

The restaurant stresses fresh ingredients and huge portions meant for sharing.

The best way to experience the food is to let Gaddafi be your guide and go with the "Bedouin Experience." He'll ask what you like, how adventurous your palate is, and then put together several courses that won't disappoint. And, if you're not happy, he'll bring you something else!

Chances are, you'll be more than satisfied and discover some new favourites.

The restaurant has all the authentic dishes AND some surprises. I wouldn't have thought to order a burger or steak, but both are unbelievably good.

Give them a call for an unforgettable takeout, delivery or dine-in experience.

UPDATE 08/22/22: The Bedouins has moved into 12832 137 AVE, a location formerly occupied by Panciteria de Manila, which sadly closed during the pandemic.