EDMONTON -- Alberta RCMP are rolling out a new social media campaign that might get you humming along, all with the hope of reducing a crime that spikes in the holiday season.

Each week, Mounties will post a new verse of a parody song outlining the “favourite things” of thieves, set to the classic earworm from A Sound of Music.

The posts will go out on Facebook and Instagram with #FavouriteThings included.

RCMP said in 2018, mailbox thefts were higher in December and January compared to other months, with 120 in January and 130 in December.

It said the total for the year was just under 1,000, putting the monthly average at around 80.

The song lyrics give insight into steps people can take for prevention.

Police ask people to check their mail daily, especially around Christmas. Online shoppers are encouraged to be home for deliveries or to make arrangements to pick up packages from a secure location.

Police also suggest anyone going out of town use Canada Post’s Hold Mail service or get someone to check their mail for them.

People are also warned to be on the lookout for scams that involve requests for overdue payment and told to keep track of online purchases.

These are thieves’ favourite things, according to RCMP:


Parcels on porches and shipments not hidden.

Dark unlit door steps and zero cares given.

Expensive packages tied up with strings.

These are a few of thieves’ favourite things.


Big branded boxes and gift cards a plenty.

Letters and parcels and presents so many.

Free and unguarded, yes, all of your blings.

These are a few of thieves’ favorite things.


Post boxes not checked and cash in the mail

Sending financials is an epic fail

Shopping on websites and all that this brings

These are a few of thieves’ favourite things.


Yards with full landscapes with no open sightlines

Boxes that stay on your step are a goldmine

Leaving the lights off? It’s not bright like Spring.

These are a few of thieves’ favourite things.


When it’s sketchy

Please report it

We really will be glad

Just simply remember our favourite things

And mail theft won’t be so bad