EDMONTON -- Grocery stores were packed on Saturday as Edmontonians attempted to stock up.

Others were just trying to do their weekly shopping.

"I’m just normal shopping I go into Superstore and there’s gotta be 400 people there," said shopper Glenn Hupman. "We’ve closed everything to keep gatherings down but yet they’re letting the stores let people just pile in there."

"More people than usual," said Janice Manegre. "We’re just doing our regular once a week shopping so, but yes there are people that are over-stocking."

Users are also still visiting city rec centres. Carin Broome brought her two boys to the Kinsmen Sports Centre on Saturday for a dive meet. She said the city is doing a good job of keeping the facility clean in the wake of the COVID-19 situation.

"There were life guards in there bleaching all of the seats, we’re stocked with our hand sani’s and you know, being safe," she said. "We’re not sick, so people who are sick are asked not to come in there are signs on the doors."

"I don’t think closing for two weeks is gonna solve the pro problem. I think this is a long-term issue and i think everyone needs to do their part and if they are sick, stay home. But we also can’t live in a bubble for an indefinite amount of time."

But it’s a different story outside of Edmonton. Officials have closed rec centres in Strathcona County and St. Albert.

Strathcona County rec centres will stay closed until April 14, while St. Albert facilities will stay closed until April 6.  

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson