EDMONTON -- It sounds almost too good to be true. A private dining experience in the river valley, protected from the elements under a translucent dome.

That’s the idea behind, or at least below, the Geoscapes Culinary Series at the Victoria Golf Course underway until April 11. 

“You can come in and enjoy and make up for some of those lost time experiences we have in a very safe and in our amazing beautiful river valley,” said Kris Harvey from Geoscapes Events. 

With full health guidelines in place, families and cohorts can book one of the clear plastic igloos and enjoy a creation from one of Edmonton’s top chefs. 

“Exciting to see the adaptation of people and the ability to just find creative ways to keep going, the geoscape is another great example,” said chef Paul Shufelt. 

Every week, a new two-to-four course menu will be created for those lucky enough to book one of the domes, which are heated just in case the temperature drops.

“This has maybe forced us to embrace the fact that we’re a winter city and we can get out and enjoy dining in the fresh air even if it is -10,” added Shufelt.

Leaving home to have a first class meal in a dome? Might be exactly what Edmontonians have been waiting for.