EDMONTON -- Staffers who work for the United Conservative Party have been notified that they’ll be getting a seven per cent pay cut.

The affected employees are the ones who work with the premier, his ministers, and MLAs.

Premier Jason Kenney says the cuts will save nearly $1 million.

“It’s not a huge savings but these symbols are important. We’re facing a great fiscal reckoning as a province and we’re going to have to find ways to reduce the cost of government,” Kenney said Thursday.

The cuts come as the province faces a $24-billion deficit and 25 per cent reduction in revenues.

When asked if more wage cuts could come, Kenney said, "What I would say to the good people who work in the broader government sector in Alberta is we value them, the work they do, the services they deliver, but all of us are in this together."

In 2019, MLAs took a five per cent pay cut, and the premier’s salary was cut by 10 per cent.