EDMONTON -- While being careful to keep neighbours at least two metres apart, a few dozen residents of the Westmount neighbourhood threw a parade Sunday night.

Westmount parade

They banged pots, rattled bells, and played instruments all in an effort to thank and encourage frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was great fun. A lot of people were coming out on their porches and waving and banging pots and pans and that’s what we wanted, to connect the whole neighbourhood,” organizer Sue Huff said.

Inspired by other similar events worldwide, Huff started banging pots on her porch alone, and over the weeks others began to join her.

On Sunday, the group walked up and down 125 Street and 126 Street in Westmount, doing a loop for about 20 minutes, as other residents joined along the way.

“My husband was playing the trombone, very badly He doesn’t play trombone. It was just something he did for today and it was fun and silly and I think people need a bit more silly in our lives,” Huff said.

A resident of Westmount for about 30 years, Huff said she knows at least 4 healthcare workers in her area.

The event aimed to bring a few minutes of joy not only to them, but to everyone involved.

“We wanted to show our support for them, and our support for each other. Cause this is a hard thing we’re all going through,” Huff said of the pandemic and public health orders.

In March residents of the Crestwood neighbourhood held a similar event to honour frontline workers.

On Saturday NDP Leader Rachel Notley shared a video of her and her neighbours in Old Strathcona banging pots and pans to thank frontline workers.

Huff said she hoped to make the parade a weekly event, as a way to celebrate making it through another 7 days of the pandemic.