EDMONTON -- Wexit officially became an eligible political party at the federal level on Friday.

The party’s official name is Wexit Canada, and was headquartered in Leduc, Alta., according to Elections Canada.

“In the next by-election, in the next general election, all across western Canada, you're going to have Member of Parliament candidates you can vote for,” party leader Peter Downing told a crowd at Alberta’s legislature in Edmonton on Saturday.

The group held a rally to call on the United Conservative government to hold a referendum on separation.

“We are sick. We’re not looking for a fair deal,” Downing said, referencing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s promise to gain Alberta more independence.

“We’re looking for our own country. We don’t want to be governed by eastern Canada. We don’t want to be governed by Ottawa.”

According to Downing, the group is also seeking provincial party status.

Recently, the group spurred public debate by putting up anti-Justin Trudeau billboards across Alberta.