Albertans west of Edmonton have been warned recent heavy rains are causing overland flooding in the Niton Junction and Carrot Creek areas of Yellowhead County.

At 2:30 p.m., Yellowhead County announced it was declaring a State of Local Emergency. An information alert was also issued by the province, warning some roads are dangerous or impassable.

A reception centre was set up at the Peers Multiplex for those who are unable to go home in the conditions, but has since been closed. The county says they have made contact with affected residents.

Several roads were said to be particularly dangerous:

  • Township Road 532 west of Range Rd 125
  • Old Carrot Creek Hwy between Range Rd 140 and Range Rd 141
  • Range Road 135 North of Township Road 540 - no vehicle exit for residents
  • Niton North Road south of Township Road 542
  • Niton North Road south of the railway crossing
  • Township Road 542 west of Niton North Road - no vehicle exit for residents
  • Range Rd 135 south of Township Road 534

Yellowhead County said it will inspect roads as the water recedes to classify them as “travel safe,” and reminded residents to respect barricades.  

Niton Junction is 160 kilometres west of Edmonton.