EDMONTON -- Officials at the Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton confirmed two new cases of COVID-19 in its hospital Saturday, as outbreaks continue to plague two units.

As of Saturday, the hospital has 10 patients who have tested positive for the virus, an increase of one cases since Friday. There are also eight staff members who have tested positive, an increase of one since Friday.

One patient at the hospital has also died as a result of the virus.

The new cases were reported on the same day Alberta recorded the biggest increase in COVID-19 cases since May. 

Hospital officials said outbreak protocols have been implemented, and only urgent emergent and oncology surgeries are being performed.

But some say officials aren’t doing enough to make people aware of the outbreak.

“They should make a better effort to let people know. Even signs out before you enter the area allowing people to know, at least you have the option of turning around and leaving,” said Michael Dumes.

Dumes was dropping his sister-in-law off at the hospital on Saturday to feed her newborn baby, who is still in the hospital.

“It'd be nice to know before you go in because she was here this morning and she never said anything about it so maybe they're not telling people coming in and out.”

“I had no idea,” said Damien Cournoyer, who is a patient at the hospital.

Cournoyer said he’s washing his hands, wearing a mask and taking precautions, but news of the outbreak concerns him.

“It's not great especially coming from a small town you always think you go back there and you never know what you're bringing into a small community.”

All patients on the affected units are being tested, as well as staff members who have worked on been present on the units, even if they are not showing symptoms.

Visitors to the affected units are being restricted.