EDMONTON -- The vast majority of Edmonton businesses are following COVID-19 restriction rules, according to new information from Alberta Health. 

Inspectors recorded compliance rates in excess of 90 per cent after visiting 783 city businesses and establishments including bars, pubs, indoor recreation centres, casino, places of worship and bingo halls.

  • Bars, pubs and lounges: 92 per cent compliance
  • Restaurants: 99 per cent compliance
  • Gyms and recreation facilities: 90 per cent compliance
  • Other (casinos, places of worship, etc.): 91 per cent compliance.

The numbers are accurate as of the end of Nov. 17.

Eight warnings were issued with follow-up visits scheduled. Inspectors also reported 16 "education opportunities" to help businesses achieve compliance. 

The Public Safety Compliance Team (PSCT) is a multi-agency team that coordinates licensing, regulation and enforcement between municipal and provincial agencies.