EDMONTON -- A woman from the Enoch Cree Nation is being featured in a new Nike ad. Ashley Callingbull is part of the campaign for the company’s new shoes, inspired by Indigenous culture.

Callingbull is a professional model, and has been featured in ad campaigns around the world, but she said representing this Nike campaign is something special.

“This is the first campaign I’ve done where it’s about intergenerational healing and about how the land helps you heal, being in tune with your spiritual, mental and physical so it’s a big message,” she told CTV News Edmonton.

The N7 shoes by Nike are inspired by heritage plants found across the Americas. The patterns are designed to evoke the healing force of the land.

“Natives were so connected to the land. It’s who we are; we use everything that’s very traditional to help us grow. So I really like that. And I like that it was florals and it was soft.”

In addition to her modeling work, Callingbull is a former Mrs. Universe, actress and activist. She is one of three Indigenous models featured in the new Nike N7 Fund, which will support organizations that provide physical activity for youth and encourages broader forms of healing through education and career development.

“We definitely need more diversity in 2020 and having Indigenous models and for it to be that diverse and for the youth to be able to see there’s one of them up there it goes to show you can do anything you’re capable of and it’s good to see there’s other Indigenous women opening the for others to follow.”

Because of COVID-19, the photoshoots for the campaign were all done online.

“They sent the whole backdrop, the clothing, my sister thank god is a makeup artist and hairstylist, she did me up, I set up everything and we set it up through my phone, through different lights, the photographer was on the other end, the artistic director there were so many people on this call and they were taking pictures through Zoom,” she said.

In the end, she says the extra work was all worth it for being part of a shoe campaign she really stands behind.

“Knowing that my face is up there and knowing I’m associated with that, it’s really cool.” 

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Graham Neil