EDMONTON -- Recent winners of an American talent show and Republic Records’ newest artists aren’t just Canadian, but proudly hail from Leduc, Alta.

The Melisizwe Brothers were awarded a $250,000 prize and a recording contract wioth Republic Records after being named America’s Most Musical Family by Nickelodeon.

“It was really exciting because of what was to come in the future,” said the middle of the trio, 13-year-old Seth James.

“A lot of overwhelming emotions, but mostly happy emotions because that moment will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

The Nickelodeon program is a competition between 30 musically talented families.

In the Jan. 17 finale, Seth and his brothers Zachary and Marc performed Sara Bareilles’ Brave and Lukas Graham’s 7 Years.

“We just really practiced, we really worked hard, and I had to really give it my all every time I was on that stage,” Zachary told CTV News Edmonton, “because we knew there was a chance we were going to win this.”

Sixteen-year-old Marc added, “The experience, we’re never going to forget it.”

The group spoke to CTV News Edmonton while riding to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport on Thursday, having gone to the city to tape a segment on the Today show.

Next week, they’ll be flying to L.A. to promote their single Stadium on some of the late-night TV shows.

The brothers’ father, Mark, said the busy week of TV sets and travelling only symbolizes the significance of where his sons were raised.  

“That’s a big question that most parents ask: how do we keep a balance? … It’s always a two-prong approach for us: the international stuff, but making sure we come home and always give back,” Mark told CTV News Edmonton.

“It was a small city that grew the boys,” he said, adding hometown friends and family have all been very supportive.

The Melisizwe Brothers said they were excited to be writing and touring in the coming months – but first, to be home for a little while.

The America’s Most Musical Family finale airs in Canada on Friday at 7 p.m. on YTV.

On Saturday, a performance of their single Stadium will air on Nickelodeon’s All That.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Dan Grummett