EDMONTON -- She's appeared on T-shirts and dresses she's worn have sold out — and now Alberta's top doctor is the subject of a commissioned portrait.

An appreciative caricature of Dr. Deena Hinshaw was posted on Twitter by Edmonton artist Laurel Hawkswell, who was commissioned at the request of mental health therapist Desiree Chrapko.

"Purely because she thinks [Hinshaw] is so inspiring," Hawkswell told CTV News Edmonton Thursday. "I had already done a quick sketch of Dr. Hinshaw just for my own self, so it was a nice way of continuing on with it and finishing it."

In the portrait, Hinshaw is wearing the same periodic table dress that generated headlines when she began giving daily COVID-19 updates weeks ago.

The dress and Hinshaw proved so popular, the Victoria, B.C.-based designer who created it said it sold out in just days.

Hinshaw, whose calm, even-keeled delivery of COVID-19 information has been lauded universally, has also appeared on T-shirts sold to raise money for charity.

When Hawkswell posted her caricature on social media, she said the response was instantaneous, with the image being retweeted hundreds of times and receiving thousands of likes.

"It was pretty neat yesterday watching the number of likes on my Twitter post go up so quickly," she said.

The artist is hoping to translate the image's popularity into a charitable effort.

"A few people have posted on Twitter that they would like it on a T-shirt, and so I thought that if I can find a company where I could get T-shirts printed, maybe we could do it and all the proceeds go to the food bank, or some other worthy cause in Alberta," she said.

The portrait took around four to five hours on a tablet, Hawkswell said.

While she's drawn some other local celebrities, the artist said this portrait has had the most impact of any she's done so far.