EDMONTON -- A video purportedly showing spectators getting into a scuffle at Saturday's Oilers vs. Canucks game has prompted some debate online.

TSN Canucks reporter Jeff Paterson said he took the video at Rogers Place after hearing commotion below the press box.

His video shows a man wearing a Connor McDavid jersey crossing a row of seats, while other spectators pull and tug each other's jerseys.

A spokesperson with the Oilers Entertainment Group said security arrived within minutes of the incident occurring, and that some guests were evicted from the building—but did not clarify whether the brawlers recorded in the video were among those kicked out.

Rogers Place visitors can be made to leave according to the building's guest code of conduct.

However, some commenters on Paterson's video said they've seen similar situations, and expressed concern about security and fan behaviour in the arena.

"We do see, from time to time, crowds that are more rambunctious and active when we play Canadian or division rival teams. As you know, our market is passionate about hockey and about the Oilers," the OEG's Tim Shipton wrote in a statement.

According to Shipton, all activities are reported through a single event command centre, which designates resources as response is needed. Personnel also use extensive CCTV throughout the building for monitoring purposes, and are prepared to collaborate with the Edmonton Police Service when added, Shipton added.

"Rogers Place first priority is a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests. Our guest experience and security staff are experienced with engaging all types of crowds and acting quickly," he said.

EPS said it was not called to Saturday night's game.

The Oilers lost 5-2 to the Canucks.