In a letter posted online Tuesday, the Citadel Theatre’s artistic director issued a public apology for allegations of bullying and harassment predating his hiring at the company.

In the letter, Artistic Director Daryl Cloran said he spent the first year and a half of his time at the company trying to “open the Citadel’s doors and welcome Edmonton’s artistic community into our building.”

“…it has become clear to me that through its history, there have been times that the Citadel has been a negative workplace for artists and staff. That is unacceptable.”

The letter goes on to say the Citadel Board and management had worked to address the allegations.

“On behalf of the Citadel Theatre and its Board of Directors and Governors, I write this letter to you, my colleagues and fellow community members, to apologize. We are truly sorry for any harassment that has been a part of the Citadel’s past, and we give word that anyone who engages in bullying or harassment will not be permitted to work at the Citadel.”

Now, the company has launched a safe disclosure space monitored by a third party, and an anti-harassment program.