EDMONTON -- Skates will soon be gliding across arenas across Edmonton, as the city phases in the reopening of recreation facilities and arenas this month.

The reopening will include changes to how people will use the facilities and overall operations due to COVID-19.

The changes include physical distancing, gathering restrictions and hand hygiene.

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are urged to stay home.

Arenas opening between July 2 and July 13 are:

·     Kenilworth Arena (July 2)

·     Clareview Twin Arena (July 2)

·     Londonderry Arena (July 2)

·     Callingwood Twin Arena (July 2)

·     Mill Woods Twin Arena (July 2)

·     Castle Downs Twin Arena (July 6)

·     Russ Barnes Arena (July 7)

·     The Meadows Twin Arena (July 13)

The move came as a sign of relief for many parents across Edmonton.

"The kids lost so much with the shutdown but it's thrilling for them to be able to get  back to what they love to do,” said Cindy Law, a figure skating Mom, “and to be on the ice and they've been off the ice now since March 14th so today with the first day back they're pretty thrilled."

“Last week they were all super, super excited when everything was finalized and then today you can just feel it in the air as they get here and they step on the ice,” added Law. “They’re pretty excited.”

New bookings for summer ice and concrete rentals in eight reopening arenas can resume July 2.

Bookings already made for July, in those facilities, will proceed.

Public skating and shinny hockey will not be offered.

More information on city recreation facilities and arenas can be found here.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Darcy Seaton