EDMONTON -- Three City of Edmonton golf courses have struggled to make money over the last five years, finances presented to councillors Wednesday show.

The poorest performer has been the golf course in Rundle Park, which was shut down during the summer to help with the city’s finances during the pandemic.

The Par 3 course is now facing being turned over to a management company in order to boost profits.

It recovers just 44 per cent of what it takes to operate, leaving one city councillor to question whether the city should be in the golf course business going forward.

“The city could control pricing schemes to an extent, and possibly enter into a revenue sharing agreement so that we actually develop a situation where the city gets more revenue from this city-owned asset,” said Ward 3 Coun. Jon Dziadyk.

Edmonton did something similar with the Mill Woods Golf Course in 1989 when it handed over its operations to a private group.