The City of Edmonton is warning residents to brace for a coming onslaught of mosquitos, with the recent run of wet weather to blame.

“The more rainfall we get, the more mosquitos we get,” said Mike Jenkins, pest management coordinator for the city. 

Rain has fallen over Edmonton seven of the last eight days. 

“Our crews have been out there treating the larvae, reducing the number in roadside ditches, pools before they emerge as adults,” said Jenkins. 

“They’ll be our typical summer Edmonton mosquitos, most active at dawn and dusk. “

Jenkins said common advice—like using insect spray and covering up—is the best way to avoid bites. 

He also said pesticides aren’t necessary to have a bug-free night in the back yard, saying clearing standing water in places like bird baths and buckets will keep the pests away. 

He also recommends an oscillating fan to discourage them from hiding under tables and chairs. 

“They don’t like that,” he said of the cool breeze. “That will convince them to move on.”